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1.  Where does my membership money go?

Membership fees are collected to cover entry fees, insurance and any incidental costs that may arise over the year. They will be collected at each announced annual start-up date.

2.  I can't commit to the pre-parades, I only want to be in the Stampede Parade. 

Don't we all! The Stampede Parade is the goal, but like any other goal, we have to work towards it. By doing so we get practice being in character and what it is like to walk in costume for greater lengths of time. We ALSO get the chance to support our riders which helps to be sure that our horses have the chance to practice and gain experience BEFORE going into the crowds at the parade. So we MUST commit to the parades prior to the Stampede Parade. Having said that, we get that life happens. Please speak to one of the Marshals one-on-one if you have concerns or conflicts.

3.  I want to ride and my horse is approved, but I can't get to the events...

The Wildies do not offer horse transportation.   

4.  Why do I have to have AEF? 

AEF provides extra insurance for all the riders and is a good idea in general. But for the group, our insurance requires that riders carry the additional that makes it pretty easy.  

5.  Where can I get a costume? 

Costume items can be bought privately or rented. Leanne Landers is a very resourceful and talented costumer. If you need her help, she will build you a costume, but she is a paid service.  Pieces can also be rented from Leanne again for a set price. ALL costumes must be approved by Leanne and accurately represent the era.

6.  Do I have to play a role?

Yes! Once we are in costume, we want you to become the woman that you have chosen to represent. We want you to interact with the crowd and share her story!

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