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When dressing our Wildies, we encourage each member to research the woman she'd like to represent. Then Wildies head over to Diamond Lil for where to start. All costumes must be period authentic... if we're going to do it, we need to do it right... or get pretty darn near close!

IMPORTANT: The era for most women is Victorian/Edwardian, which includes Civil War and pioneer. All costumes, hats and accessories should represent these eras. Please DON'T be offended if Diamond Lil says that parts or all of what you propose are not acceptable. We rely on her expertise to have us all looking sharp and representative of the time. When buying, it might be best to be sure items can be returned or before commissioning, get Leanne to OK the drawings.  

Costume options are:  

  • Custom through Diamond Lil. Prices vary... Leanne charges $25.00 per hour 

  • Rental for $50.00 per parade

  • Rental from local shops

  • Commission through local costume designers

  • Online... (see suggested links below)

Payment for Diamond Lil should be in cash or by e-transfer (



Helpful links

Helpful Resources for Hats

  • ​Etsy

  • Pinterest

  • Goodwill

  • Antique/Vintage Stores

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