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Becoming a Wildie

Being a Legend means that the historical people we represent have defied the odds to leave their mark on history. When choosing your legend please be sure that they were ACTIVE between 1829-1929.  


Wildies are subject to approval, but let's get you started...

Step #1 

Fill out the application form by clicking on desired participation to be a

                                  Walker, Rider or Supporting Role

** Riders please note that we have pre-selected roles, please inquire for vacant Legends**


Step #2

Fill out the appropriate waivers 

Waiver of Liability for UNDER 18 

Waiver of Liability for OVER 18 

Media Waiver 

Step #3 

Print out and submit to our Director by email to once forms are received then you'll be directed to our Artistic Director for Legend and costume approval and to our Horse Wrangler for horse approval

Step #4 Payment of dues...$100.00 for over 18 and $50.00 for under.  Payments can be made via e-transfer to our Director at OR in cash at your first event.  


Email us today

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