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Becoming a Wildie

We are thrilled to welcome new members!  If you think that you are Wild at heart, send us an email.  Be sure to research your character and tell us why she resonates with you and how you'd like to represent her. 

Membership subject to approval, for consideration;

  • Fill out our Application and Media Release forms (see FORMS)

  • Have current AEF Membership (Riders only)

  • Select the Woman you'd like to represent

  • Note; any costume ideas you have...must be PERIO...1820 - 1920

  • There is an annual membership fee of $100.00 for adults and $50.00 for under 18 

All Equine entries are subject to approval by our horse wrangler

All Costumes are subject to approval by Leanne

To Apply

1. Click on forms

2. Print off BOTH

3. Fill out and return to

Questions?? Click HERE to send us an email
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